Trouble Finding a Remote Job? How to Reach Out to a Recruiter

Remote work is wide and plenty. Big businesses and even the usually presumed to be brick-and-mortar companies are not transforming their workforce into a remote one or just preferring to hire out of the office workers. But it can at times, depending on your industry and where you are situated in the world, be difficult to find a remote job.

20 years ago, just 9% of the overall US workforce was believed to be working in some remote capacity. This has greatly changed now with nearly 40% being remote. That figure is set to rise drastically in the coming years, which means more and more opportunities that will help you land a remote position of your dreams.

If you have been facing trouble finding a remote job, reaching out to a recruiter is always a good bet to make. Recruitment companies you’ve heard about in the past may not have left a positive impression on you. Especially those which promised something and got the employee another. Recruitment companies have now also transformed.

Here at TalentOHire, we’re focusing on two aspects of recruiting. The jobs we connect talent with are 100% remote and the second one is getting the worker a position that’s worthwhile and meets his or her capability level. We’re not the only recruiters out there, but we sure are on a very focused mission to keep the humanity of recruiting intact.

In a time when competition is fierce and only 0.4% of applicants end up getting hired, you need to maximize the outcome of each input. Here are some of the best ways to reach out to a recruitment company or recruiter and get noticed:

Know the Recruiter Industry and Who They’re Recruiting

Search ‘Recruitment Company” or “Recruiter” in Google and you’ll get millions of results. That sort of search is just too expansive. You’re never going to find a recruitment company or recruiter with this sort of approach.

This is why it’s important to know the industry the recruiter you’re reaching out to works in. Every recruiter just doesn’t recruite for every type of job out there. Some are focused on the tech side of business while others are looking for professional writers. If there are jobs of a precise nature, there is a specific recruiter for that industry.

TalentOHire is also very focused in its approach. We’re always on the lookout for excellent software developers, UI/UX designers and customer support professionals. Put in the effort to root out recruiters on LinkedIn or through search engines that are focused on recruiting the kind of professionals with your skill set and work history.

Don’t Wait for The Recruiter to Contact You

With hundreds and even thousands of applicants to the average job opening, the pressure is usually always at its peak for recruiters. There is a lot of expectation from recruiters to provide companies with outclass and near to or outright perfect candidates. It takes a lot of time to screen for the best fit and its highly possible that they either may miss your application or focus on another.

If you know who the recruiter is, it doesn’t hurt to drop them a short and to-the-point message on LinkedIn. If they’ve provided some sort of email address, shoot them a message on there, but remember to keep it concise and focus on your strengths. Don’t be going overboard and following up multiple times a day. Wait for the recruiter to get back to you and if they don’t, send a second email as a follow up to your last one a few days later.

Two weeks is the normal hiring time frame for most positions, but some can even be filled within a few days or take more than a month. Patience is key and learning to move on is vital.

Bonus Tip: Make Sure You Fit the Job Description

You have to remember that a recruiter is in the business of presenting you as the best fit candidate for an available position. Anything beyond that is usually out of the recruiter’s hands. If the hiring company isn’t liking what they see, they are not bound to stick to the recruiter’s advice.

This is why it’s of essence to ensure you’re a great fit for the role. Make it prominent on your cover letter, polish that resume as much as possible and highlight those skills in a message you send to them. This will build your case and give the recruiter enough useful information to consider you as a viable candidate without having to do too much out of the way work.

The right job is out there for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to put in the effort which is sometimes required to find it. Keep your ears open, eyes on the prize and with a job winning strategy in place, that dream remote job shouldn’t be too far away.

Best of luck!

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